Adventures in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Happy Fourth of July - finally this weekend is here and we are simply staying home.  As a family of 4, we usually took week off for a vacation get-a-way in the summer, however with the kids out of the nest, a pandemic in full swing still, we are not vacationing officially.  However, earlier in this pandemic we had the very sweet opportunity to swap homes with our son in the Ashville area.  It was a blast!  It makes up for a stay at home 4th!  We still had to quarantine, but we were able to take drives, hike responsibly with masks and see some wonderful things in the mountains.

The Blue Ridge Mountain area is a magical place.  It took a good week to settle and get oriented to what was what, where to go and what to see.  I feel like we only scratched the surface and we are already looking forward to another visit, we hope! 

This was our first trip up on the Blue Ridge Parkway and we could not believe how beautiful it was.  I love this photograph below - it really captures the vast expanse of these old mountains. The color of the Blue Ridge is so different than New England.  If anyone knows why the blue color is so unique here, I'd be interested to know.  This view is near Craggy Meadows on the Blue Ridge Parkway just outside Ashville.

This next photo was taken near the Craggy meadow as well, on a trail we walked on from a parking area.  I love the way these weather beaten trees are much smaller at this altitude and show so much character.  I highly recommend a visit to this area, pack a lunch, were a jacket even in summer, you're up high here,  and enjoy.  We noticed there is plenty of room for social distancing, too!

Below is a photo of Moore Cove Falls one of the prettiest falls I've seen.  This is an easy hike in from the road very close to Ashville, about a 40 minute drive at most and it's well worth the trip.  I'd advise going first thing in the morning before the rest of the world gets there!  We had the place to ourselves for at least a 1/2 hour and it was heavenly.  This is a photo of my husband Peter standing under it so you can see the scale of it.  Its is an elegant fall, birds singing all around us with the glorious sound of the water... a wonderful place indeed!  Fun to walk (carefully) under it, too!  I have a photograph of it in the print shop - WITHOUT my husband in it- so check it out there and try it out in the wall view feature! 

 Thanks for stopping by and reading the blog.  Until next post - please take care, wear a mask in public and enjoy your 4th of July however you plan to celebrate it, but we all miss our friends and family, but for safety sake - please be conservative and follow the covid rules.  :-)