Awards Received from the Professional Photographers of America!

'Old World Reflections', Honfleur, France.  Merit Print/CTPPA

Hi Friends!

I just got back from an exciting weekend at my Connecticut Professional Photography Association convention (CTPPA) here in Connecticut.  I am very happy to announce that I received 5 Merit Awards in the state competition

So what is that, you ask?  Professional photographers all over the US submit work to their state or national Print Competitions.  In order for images to 'Merit', they need to contain all 12 elements of a Merit Image: Impact, Creativity, Style, Composition, Print Presentation, Center of Interest, Lighting, Subject Matter, Color Balance, Technical Excellence, Technique and Storytelling. These standards are very strict and I am proud that 5 out of 7 of my images entries this year received 80 or more points to Merit!  All 3 images in this email won merits.

We all compete against our incredible peers within the CTPPA and we may also compete at the National level. This helps us all improve our photographic skills along side the best photographers in the industry.  Some of you who know my work may recognize some of these winners.

'Spring Dream'

Tulips, Spring Flowers, Elizabeth Park, Greenhouse

Each year I make time to go to the Elizabeth Park Greenhouses in Hartford, CT in early spring when the flowering bulbs bloom.  I love this event, but, I try to go early in the day before the crowds arrive so I will have some alone time with my beloved tulips!  Also, the intoxicating perfume from these beauties is an experience in itself!  This image is also in my art store and I almost did not include it in the competition. If you have not been to this beautiful park or tulip event, its free and they sell all the flowing plants at the end so you can fill your home with the magic, as well! 

'January Thaw'

This last photo that was awarded a Merit is an engagement photo and one I've always loved.  It is a 'moment' I captured when they both were so involved with each other that they we unaware that I was still photographing them.  Can you just feel that love and connection between these two? I call it 'January Thaw', and yes it was photographed on a cold January day on Horsebarn Hill at UCONN.  They stayed warm..... but my fingers were freezing!

If you are a professional or aspiring photographer and wish to improve your photographic skills, visit: one of these links: Connecticut PPA Chapter:  or the national association if you are out of state: 

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