Honorable Mention Awarded - Vernon Arts Photo Show

In a Pandemic, it is difficult to show work 'live' in galleries, but my local art center, Arts Center East, has organized both a 'live' show on the walls of their beautiful socially distanced gallery and a virtual show on their website.  I am so grateful for their efforts to help artists and photographers stay engaged during this Pandemic. 

This image, titled, 'Memorial', won an Honorable Mention in the Photography Show.  I chose to have it hang 'virtually' online only.  

This still life was I set up a wood surface and photographed from above.  I used red branches and dried flowers from my fall garden.  Natural light and a small reflector were my light sources.  Very little editing was done - mostly removal of dust spots and things that only these digital cameras so easily capture!  

Here is a link to the Photo Gallery if you are interested in viewing the whole show which includes 2 more of my bird photographs from this series.

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