Journeys End

Hello Friends!

I hope you are all well and keeping yourselves busy and safe this winter.  I never have to leave home except to shop for food, take walks, and of course, here in New England, shovel the driveway.  And tomorrow, I get my first vaccine shot!  

January and February have been chock full of virtual photography conventions and online gallery shows/talks.  I was able to enjoy them from the comfort of my home since everything is online.  It made me very happy and I enjoyed many of the new ideas shared there. It's always inspiring to see brilliant work, new ideas, as well as reconnecting with old friends even virtually online. 

Today, I want to share some new work from my 'bird series'.  These birds were found by a local artist friend of mine near his home. They probably died due to a window crash.  One bird is a male robin but not completely sure if the other is its mate or a younger one.  After searching through all my closets and storage areas for props and a setting for them, I settled on my old boots and the wood floor and walls of my dining room.  As you may have guessed, I keep the birds I find in the freezer until I am ready to photograph them.  My husband was a bit dismayed at first but I keep them wrapped up and in the far corner.  I call this image, 'Journey's End'.    

The dead bird images are not for sale yet on this website since this project is still evolving.  It is deeply personal so I think I have to live with it a bit longer and feel like I'm done.  I'm not done.  I really don't know what will make it 'done', but I know I need to write about it and see what is going on here.  Birds have been a part of my family life as a child growing up because both my parents were avid bird watchers.  I accompanied them on many birding trips close to home and afar.  I never thought they would be so threatened as they are in this world today.

Thank you for reading my blog!  Stay safe and well,