Busy Bees of June

June is busting out all over the place and also here at my studio!  This last weekend was the Art & Garden Tour - a wonderfully inspired art event here in northeastern CT where a bunch of us artists and photographers opened our studios and gardens to visitors.  What a wonderful weekend it was!  I met many new people from various parts of the state and reconnected with the local neighbors that I had not seen in a year or more (because of the pandemic).  I sold photo cards and small matted prints and had a great time chatting with everyone about all sorts of things photography and garden related.  All in all, it was a great two-day event - and so grateful and happy that so many people came out to support us. Thank you to all of you who came - we all appreciate you.

I also photographed my very last wedding the week before the Art&Garden Tour, and today I finished my edits, organized the gallery for the family, and delivered my very last wedding to the wonderful couple.  I am officially retired from wedding photography- wow!  No regrets, it was a great time for almost 20 years and it has stretched me in ways I didn't think I could stretch.  Being the shy girl who never thought she could boss people around and be a leader - I had to 'move' a lot of people while making sure I got every photo my clients wanted and then, more that they didn't even know they wanted - all the while loving every minute of it.  It was an honor to work for the best clients ever - all so unique and wonderful.  I thank those families for their trust in me and for giving me a chance to stretch and grow into what was an exciting and wonderful career.  Now, I get to do my own thing!  I still have some dedicated portrait clients, but maybe I won't take on too much portrait work as I have my personal projects continue.   Do reach out if you need something and we can chat about it. :=)

Enjoy the wonderful warm weather and stay safe out there.  Thanks for being here.