Spring News!

Please join me on June 12th - 13th for the Connecticut Art & Garden Tour.  My studio is on the Tour Trail this year for the first time!  This is a multi-studio art show tour in a relatively small area of northeast CT that highlights both the artists and their gardens.  What can be learned from this?  You have a chance to chat and visit with each artist, wander around their garden and perhaps make connections between each artist and the environment they have created for themselves.  I photograph many things in my garden - like flowers, bees and toads, as well as relax, read and share meals with friends and neighbors, but I set out to create a beautiful space to live and work.  My garden does inspire me as a photographer.  My surroundings are important to me and I don't have to travel far from home to find beautiful things to photograph either.  Plus, I create a lot of still life images right here in my studio as well. 

I would be happy to show you my studio inside, with a mask of course, where you can see where and how I do my work and I can show you the various surfaces I have my work printed on- such as wood, acrylic and more.   I also have been transferring giclée prints to other surfaces besides photographic paper, and experimenting with adding mica and some paint to create some one of a kind prints.  This is a pretty new thing for me and I am excited to share it with you. I will have photographic prints in various sizes and styles here for sale, as well as small greeting cards. 

I hope you will come visit and see what I am up to and enjoy my gardens too.  Check out the website for more information about the hours and all the artists involved, who are relatively close to me, so once you here it will be very convenient to find the other artists, too: https://artgardenct.com

Please reach out with questions and thank you for reading my blog!